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Half-Neck Übergangsdecke grün

Turnout horse rug – Selle Francais

Dear Madam/Sir,

I am very interested by your turnout horse rugs. I would like to buy one for my old 26-year old SF horse. I would like a rug  of 0 or 50g with High neck. Could you please help me to find the rug that will best fit to my horse. To do so please find the following informations as well as pictures of my horse. Many thanks in advance. Best regards

Stud book: Selle Français

Height of horse: 1,56m

wither to tail in cm: 140cm

Need: Turnout horse rug with high neck 0 or 50g

Our letter of recommendation:

thanks for your interest in our turnout horse rugs. We recommend art.-no. 20103 in size 145 cm.

This rug-model is most suited for your horse. Best regards fedimax

Half-Neck Übergangsdecke grün
Half-Neck Übergangsdecke grün